Nov 25

Leftover Turkey Ideas That Will Make You Want to Come Back For More!

If you’re dreading leftover turkey sandwiches, then fear not, you’ll want to come back for more turkey when you take a look at these yummy ideas for using those leftovers!

  1. Yay! For Food has a hearty Leftover Turkey and Wild Rice Soup recipe to keep you warm. leftover-turkey-and-wild-rice-soup
  2. For an immune-boosting soup, try Bless Her Heart Y’all’s Healthy Leftover Turkey Lemon Garlic Soup.  healthy-leftover-turkey-lemon-garlic-soup
  3. These Thanksgiving Leftover Pop Tarts from The Butter Half look even yummier than turkey on Thanksgiving day to me!  thanksgiving-leftover-pop-tarts
  4. Yes to Yolks also has a fun, creative idea for those turkey leftovers with their Thanksgiving Leftovers Pierogies recipe.  thanksgiving-leftovers-pierogies
  5. If you’re looking for something with more of a kick, try this zesty Turkey Enchilada Quinoa Soup recipe from Half Baked Harvest. turkey-enchilada-quinoa-soup

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